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What happens during a Treatment?

There are many factors that can influence your body’s functioning, so we first listen carefully to what you tell us about your situation. In addition to informing us of your physical condition, it can also help to let us know a little about your professional, familial and private lives, as well as your general diet and any sports or other hobbies you enjoy.

Why? We see each individual as a unique totality consisting of body, biology, chemistry, emotion and psyche. We do not treat each pain as somehow separate from the whole person.

We record a comprehensive case history during your first appointment at the Chiropraktikzentrum Berlin. Your posture, gait and constitution provide the initial information for the subsequent diagnosis. Through close observation of your posture and gait, and tactile examination of your spine, pelvis, other joints and changes to your muscle tissue, we test the suppleness of the affected joints and identify the particular causes of your problems.

Duration: Recording your case history is the starting point of every successful treatment and takes roughly 45 minutes.

Chiropractic treatment focusses on the safe adjustment of each of the spine’s vertebrae, of the pelvic basin and the extremities, any one or combination of which can cause pain or restrict the patient’s movement. With a small and targeted manipulation, normal joint functioning is restored. Small gas bubbles can develop in the joint fluid. When collapsed by the chiropractor’s manipulations, these bursting bubbles can produce an audible but harmless popping sound.

Duration: On average, each treatment takes roughly 20 minutes.

The whole person is the centre of our attention

Spinal disorders and ailments of the musculoskeletal system are growing drastically in western industrialised nations. Skeleton, musculature and neural pathways together create a delicately operating system that can be easily knocked from its optimal balance. Chiropractic helps to restore this organic balance in a natural way.

Which pains can chiropractic alleviate by correcting vertebrae?