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Who can benefit from chiropractic treatment?

The short answer is that everyone can benefit: babies, children, teenagers, adults, older folk and sports people can be treated with techniques uniquely adapted to their particular condition, age and body type.

What is the difference between a chiropractor and a “Chiropraktiker/Chirotherapeuten?

The chiropractic profession must not be confused with that of the German “Chiropraktiker”, a role akin to that of the English “healer”. “Chiropraktiker” and “Chirotherapeuten” can only be found in Germany. In contrast to the five to seven year university degree chiropractors must pass, a degree recognised across the planet (just not in Germany) and that conforms to World Health Organisation guidelines (WHO), no standard has been established for the role of “Chiropraktiker”. So it should come as no surprise that there are only around 100 chiropractors in Germany, but around 10,000 “Chiropraktiker” and “Chirotherapeuten”.

Are there any risks associated with chiropractic treatment?

All of the chiropractors at the Chiropraktikzentrum Berlin are members of the German Chiropractors’ Association (Deutsche Chiropraktoren Gesellschaft e. V.). Our long academic training and years of professional experience mean we know how to correctly identify and assess chiropractic risks. The methods we use are a safe way of treating ailments arising from bio-mechanical sources. We always give a detailed explanation of any risks associated with your case before treatment begins.

Are there any side effects?

There are a few minor side effects associated with chiropractic treatment: sore muscles, stiffness, dizziness and rarely temporary worsening of the treated condition. The side effects are mostly insignificant and disappear quickly. The reason for the side effects is that the vertebrae and joints treated are often being brought back to healthy mobility after a long period in an unhealthy state. This reactivation of the musculature can lead to the side effects described.

Who pays for the treatment?

The Chiropraktikzentrum Berlin is a private practice. Treatment fees are calculated according to GebüH (Gebührenverzeichnis für Heilpraktiker).

Private health insurance companies will pay entire or partial costs depending on your individual contracts. Germany’s state-based insurances for civil servants and their dependants will cover the majority or part of the costs (“Beihilfestellen”). If in doubt, please inquire on your own behalf.

For self-employed and legally insured patients, chiropractic treatment is tax deductable in German tax law.

How and when do I pay for my treatment?

At the Chiropraktikzentrum Berlin, you pay directly after treatment, either in cash or with an EC card (debit card).

What are those cracking sounds during treatment?

Chiropractors use quick, precise movements to correct vertebrae and joints. Small, gassy bubbles often develop in the joints’ synovial fluid and can pop due to the chiropractor’s manipulations. As the bubbles pop, they emit a cracking sound that is totally harmless.

When should I seek treatment?

Generally speaking, always. Chiropractic treatment both prevents blockages from forming and unblocks them too, but the treatment is particularly helpful in alleviating acute and chronic pain. Regular treatment from a chiropractor is highly advisable as it fosters optimal muscular-skeletal functioning.

When should I not seek treatment?

You should not seek chiropractic treatment during an acute infection or if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

What can a chiropractor not treat?

Broken bones, torn muscles, and dislocated shoulders and hips cannot be treated by a chiropractor.

What should I bear in mind if I am pregnant?

Chiropractic treatment is particularly helpful during pregnancy, for which it uses specially designed techniques. Please let us know before treatment that you are pregnant.

Can joints be worn out by chiropractic treatment?

No. The special techniques learned by chiropractors over their five to seven years of training ensure that the corrective movements occur through minimal impulses and so called „short-lever adjustments“ which are particular precise.

Theoretically, you can receive daily chiropractic treatment without incurring any wear to your joints. On the contrary, it would only improve joint functionality by freeing them from blockages.

Why doesn’t state-based health insurance cover the costs?

We would also like to know the answer to this question. Sadly, only they know the answer. If you really would like to know, please ask them.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments you need strongly depends on the nature of the complaint and how acute or chronic it may have become. Some acute complaints can be alleviated after only a few treatments, chronic complaints require more time until a lasting resolution is accomplished. Generally speaking, we anticipate lasting results after four to eight treatments.

How do I find a qualified chiropractor?

In Germany you can use the Deutschen Chiropraktoren-Gesellschaft e. V. website to find all chiropractors in your area who are officially recognised by this governing body. Anne Rampacher’s chiropractic centre is the only officially recognised centre in Berlin.