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In addition some other statutory health insurance companies, Securvita have also now begun covering the costs of chiropractic treatment, since February 2015. Amongst the requirements are that the treatments are necessary to heal an illness, prevent a condition worsening or alleviate health complaints. During a calendar year, those insured by Securvita can have up to ten chiropractic treatments covered.

To ensure that your costs are covered, you must provide Securvita with a doctor’s prescription that includes information on the number of medically required treatments. The prescription from an accredited doctor must be provided before treatment begins. The date of the prescription must not precede February 26th, 2015.

Example: Your doctor prescribes you ten chiropractic treatments. The invoice total from the Chiropraktikzentrum Berlin comes to 600 Euros. From that, you pay ten Euros for the prescription and 60 Euros co-payment. Securvita reimburse you with the remaining 530 Euros, equivalent to 53 Euros per treatment.

The treating therapist must in addition be a member of a professional association of Chiropractors whose admission requirement is a successfully completed chiropractic education that meets the requirements of the WHO guidelines, and admission as a medical practitioner (Heilpraktiker) under the Medical Practitioners Act (Heilpraktikergesetz). All therapists at the Chiropraktikzentrum Berlin fill these requirements and guarantee a quality-assured treatment.