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Water keeps us healthy and alive!

Our body water percentage varies between 50-75%. Children have a higher water content compared to adults, whereas women have a lower content than men. Water carries nutrients and oxygen through our body, it aids digestion, and keeps joints and fascia flexible, which contributes to our wellness.

Water is absolutely necessary to assist the healing processes within our body.
A general rule for sporty, healthy people is a water intake of 1 Liter per 25 kg (4 Stone) of body weight per day. If you have certain health conditions (thyroid, kidney, liver or heart disease) or if you are taking certain painkillers or antidepressants, we recommend that you speak to your doctor for advice first.

Some tipps for your water uptake:

  • Have a glass of hot/warm water with a splash of fresh lemon juice in it. This aids  enzyme production, which ensures better digestion and nutrient uptake.
  • Avoid drinking ice cold water with your food. It slows down the enzymes and digestion.
  • Spread your water intake throughout the day. Our bodies absorb water more effectively if you drink ‘little and often’.
    If you need to drink 3 liters / 12 hours (one day), it means 1 glass per hour.
  • Have lots of veggies and some fruit every day. They have a high water content and supply you with important nutrients.  

Enjoy and have fun!

Patricia C Peer

BSc Human Science, MSc Chiropractic, further specialised in pediatrics (baby chiropractic) & applied kinesiology