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Ellen Vopel

Ellen Vopel

MChiro (Master of Chiropractic)

Ellen grew up near Brunswick, in the North-West of Germany. Due to her keen interest in physical rehab and exercise, she began working as a gym class instructor at the age of 16. This sparked her passion to work closely with people of all ages to help improve their health and well-being.

Following high school („Abitur“) she travelled and worked both in New Zealand and Australia. This is where she discovered and experienced „real“ chiropractic which prompted her to move to the UK and embark at the AECC University College, Europe’s leading chiropractic college, where she graduated after 5 years of full time study in 2021 with a MChiro (Master of Chiropractic) degree.

Now Ellen has come back to Germany and found her new home in the most international part of Germany: Berlin!

Ellen offers a safe space for all individuals of all age groups to be listened to and helped, and to be enabled to help themselves. Due to her background in sports, Ellen has already acquired a lot of experience in advising on and treating sports related problems and injuries and on how to avoid them in the future.