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Low back pain:
During the first months of pregnancy, the body will start producing more (10 times more, actually) of a hormone called “relaxin”, and just like its name says, it relaxes the ligaments around the pelvis and softens the cervix. This helps the body adapt to all the changes to come and will allow the pelvis to widen enough to give birth. Unfortunately, too much movement in the pelvis, can lead to a change in your movement pattern or posture and cause back pain. This is only one of many conditions we as chiropractors can help you with.

Round ligament pain:
The round ligament of the uterus supports your growing belly and can often become strained or “overused” during pregnancy. This is felt by sudden sharp pain lasting a few seconds in your lower belly or in the groin area, and is a very common complaint. It can be considered “normal”, but we can help you ease the tightness of this ligament which will help with the pain.

There is strong evidence showing that chiropractic care in combination with strengthening exercises greatly reduces low back and pelvic pain during pregnancy. We can also help with headaches, neck pain or any other complaints you may have during your pregnancy, to make the experience of being pregnant as enjoyable as possible!

We have specially designed pillows to allow you to lie on your stomach during the treatment, so that we can help you as comfortably as possible during your entire pregnancy. We always adapt the treatment to your body’s needs and have a variety of gentle and effective treatment techniques available!

Treating babies, children and pregnant women is my passion, and I am currently undergoing an MSc Advanced Applied Practice Paediatric Musculoskeletal Health to even further expand my knowledge and expertise in this area.

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