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My name is Marte Hetlevik and I am one of the new chiropractors here at Chiropraktik Zentrum Berlin and I specialise in the treatment of newborns and babies, in addition to working here I am doing a masters degree in advanced paediatrics.
As chiropractors we treat the neuromuskuloskeletal system and make sure that you can function optimally. This also applies to babies! Sometimes parents notice that their baby look or turn more to one side, that they do not like lying flat on their back or that they dislike tummy time. Mothers may also experience difficulties in breastfeeding, either due to the baby preferring one breast, or that the baby for some reason struggles to latch onto the breast properly.  These are all things that we as chiropractors can help with.
An adjustment performed on an infant is very different from an adjustment performed on an adult. You may choose to take your child to see a chiropractor because you have been to see one yourself, if so you may know of the sound that follows an adjustment. This is not the case when we treat babies. We use gentle touch and stretch, with similar pressure to testing the ripeness of a peach.
More information on these topics will come in the future.