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Welcome to the Chiropraktikzentrum Berlin

Chiropractic – Your health in focus

Misalignments can arise from many reasons in our bodies – among other things due to incorrect movements and strains, incorrect posture, stress or injury. They put strain on our nervous system, which creates pain and enhances the bad posture.

Chiropractic is a gentle, painless and effective type of treatment to remove blockages of vertebrae and joints. With targeted, small, fast movements the Chiropractor “liberates” the joint. The muscles around can relax again, the pressure on the nerves decreases and the normal joint functionality returns again. Regular treatments help to stabilise the state of health and to stay permanently free of symptoms.

Among the most common complaints in daily practice are headaches, neck and back pain (cervical syndrome, lumbago, sciatica, herniated disc) and pregnancy complaints that occur due to hormonally related pelvic instability and as a result of improper loading of the joints due to the unaccustomed weight displacement.

All the Chiropractors at Chiropraktikzentrum Berlin have studied abroad for five years (full-time) and qualified with the title Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) or MSc Chiropractic.

Latest News

Our New Colleagues

We are very pleased to welcome our new colleagues, Patricia Peer and Marte Hetlevik to our practice. Come in and enjoy even more competence in adults, children and baby chiropractic!

The Chiropraktikzentrum is moving!

Dear Patients,

it’s happening:



On Wednesday, 04.10.2017 we’ll open the doors at our new address
and look forward to welcoming you to our new practice.



U-Bahn Spichernstr. U3 and U9

There are good parking opportunities along Spichernstraße (both sides) and on Bundesallee (opposite UdK etc.),
Controlled parking (1€/hour).

Telephone: 030 84 18 34 06 – www.chiroberlin.de – Email: info@chiroberlin.de

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