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Matthew Hender


Matthew Hender’s first interest has always been working with athletes, which led him to his specialty of sports chiropractic. Before studying to become a chiropractor, he was a professional international indoor volleyball player who competed in several countries in Europe and Canada.

A specialist sports chiropractor at the Chiropratikzentrum Berlin, Matthew is originally from Perth, Western Australia, and prior to commencing his five-year chiropractic degree at Murdoch University, studied components of physiotherapy, biomechanics and kinesiology, specialising in sports, athletics, movement rehabilitation and several manual therapies. 

As a sports chiropractor, Matthew was able to work with several sports teams during his full-time studies in Australia, including Australian rugby, football and volleyball teams.

Matthews has a keen interest in helping people out of chronic pain through manual therapy, rehabilitation, nutrition and lifestyle counselling. He welcomes patients of all ages, from teenagers to the elderly, from all cultures, and provides a safe and comfortable place for the LGBTQ community in Berlin. 

Matthew has completed components of further studies with the FICS World Chiropractic Federation for Sports Chiropractors and has expanded training in movement rehabilitation. His chiropractic treatments include Diversified, Gonstead and ART techniques incorporating various soft tissue techniques such as dry needling and acupuncture. 

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